Pure Italian craftsmanship.
An art all about exclusivity

The achievement of our perpetual pursuit of excellence is an ultimately-reliable thermoforming machine, which represents
the implementation of the highest standards of design, quality,
rock solid manufacturing and marathon performance

Tailor-made project and design

Advanced modelling and analysis techniques

Sharing ideas is essential to achieve the goals you set your mind to: our technical department will support you in every step of your project and will bring to life your ideas.

• Ultimate 3d software
• Dynamic test and simulation
on motion components
• Design and modelling of every
single item


Multiple die-set Program

Record time mould changeover of the package configuration is provided allowing to switch from die-set “A” to die-set “B” automatically in a few seconds by just pressing a button.
Trays draw depth adjustment is extremely simple, no need to remove heavy parts on both forming and sealing station thanks to the smart design of the machine.


Unparalleled technologies
for higher standards

Our packaging lines are in compliance with the strict U.S.A. 3A standards (Sanitary Standard Design), USDA laws in force and TPM (Total Performance Management) technology and features, as a foolproof instrument to ease all the operations concerning machine maintenance and status for a constant control of the mechanical components also during the most intense production rounds.

TMP assets for our
TECNOSISTEM evolution thermoformers:
– zero unplanned failures
– zero product defects
– zero accidents


The safest hygiene purity

Superior hygiene and machine sanitation features are guaranteed as a trademark.
Stainless steel INOX AISI 304L (316L on demand), sanitation program, special protecting coating of each single item installed are provided as a standard on all TECNOSISTEM machines, allowing an accurate cleaning by the strongest detergents and ensuring the long lasting of all components.
Wash-down concept by smooth surfaces shape increases water run-off.