The problem of environmental pollution and the disposal of plastic is becoming increasingly crucial.
As result of the growing priority of environmental awareness, the need to change the way the products are introduced is undergoing a necessary revision.

Countless initiatives have been taken to sort out the single-use packaging issue, both at government and personal level by the manufacturing companies.

The transition to eco-sustainable packaging, firstly considered a passing trend, has now proved to be an urgent necessity.
Choosing the sustainable solution does not mean giving up the benefits of product conservation: this revolutionary paper application, with 70% LESS PLASTIC, guarantees gas and water barrier to preserve the SHELF-LIFE such as the traditional plastic trays.

Due the complex thermoformability compared to plastic films, the integrated design of the film-thermoforming machine system is essential for the implementation of the eco-sustainable solution.

TECNOSISTEM has dedicated many energies in research and development on this topic, running tests on different paper-based packaging materials, developing a NEW THERMOFORMING CONCEPT to refine the die-shaping peculiarities of this laminates and improving their performance to get surprisingly innovative and reliable packaging solution.

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